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Cmed Solutions have been providing billing and consulting services to multiple OB/GYN providers in the DFW area since 1999. Cynthia L. Stout has been a Practice Manager Consultant and Billing Specialist since 1990. She has served on various boards in that time as Vice President and Secretary of North Texas Medical Administrators, and has been an active member of MGMA since 1990.  

She has also served in a consulting capacity with Tarrant County Medical Society in providing new physicians tools for improved coding and billing management.
In 1999, she began Scott Medical Services. During that time she was able to assist several physicians in the start-up of their practices by providing practice management consulting with regard to software file-build and maintaining billing and coding efficiencies. Cynthia provided monthly feedback with regard to revenue cycle management and monthly financial reports as well as other operational consulting needs within the office.
In 2006, Cynthia folded Scott Medical to work for Dallas Methodist Healthcare as Director of Physician Services. During her time with PPM (Pavilion Practice Management), a for-profit entity of Dallas Methodist, Cynthia was directly responsible for operational management and revenue cycle management for all of the non-employed physician clients of PPM. 

This involved managing the transition process to start up multiple solo physician practices from the ground, and then maintaining regular contact and oversight of the various offices.  Her skill in revenue cycle management, physician office operations, CBO operations, finance and marketing were integral in making her successful in this role.
In 2011, Cynthia moved to Midlothian, Texas. She has since left Methodist to begin her new practice management consulting company, Cmed Solutions in an effort to work directly with new physicians closer to home. 

Mission Statement

At Cmed Solutions our mission is to bring the control back to you, the physician, through detailed monthly reporting in all areas of account receivables, and accountability to your bottom line. Our team of experts will work diligently to maximize reimbursement of every penny owed to you! We make it personal!


What Our Clients Are Saying

Cmed Solutions has been a life saver for my practice. I am a solo OB/GYN practitioner in practice for over three decades. They began managing my billing and collections in April 2015. They immediately began reviewing our in office practices. Our billing, coding and collections processes were reviewed and improvements were immediately implemented. Office staff was updated and instructed on more efficient techniques.

Our prior billings were reviewed, incorrect and incomplete coding was corrected, past due accounts were contacted, and writing off balances ceased. Revenues increased. Accounts receivable decreased. Office practices improved. The practice generated more money. I have Cynthia Stout and her team at Cmed Solutions to thank.

Through Cmed Solutions' consultation services, the process of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and firing has been streamlined. I did not expect these services from a billing and collections company. I was pleased to find that they offer much more. During times we were understaffed, they assisted in charge entry, as well as in training new staff when hired.

In short, Cmed Solutions has impressed me with their dedication to supporting office processes and increasing revenue. They have gone above and beyond what was required or expected. I have come to trust their integrity, honesty and hard work. I have not received a single complaint about their approach or practices.

I now consider Cmed Solutions and Cynthia Stout a most valued asset to my practice. My only regret is that I did not sooner incorporate their skills, services and consultation into my practice. I look forward to a long and productive business relationship with them.


Paul W. Daum, M.D.
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Outsourced Billing Services

Accurate and Quick Medical Billing

Medical billing can be a difficult and challenging task for OB/GYN medical practices.  Most physicians or practice managers make a choice to outsource their medical office billing to a professional medical billing company like Cmed Solutions. Our experienced, professional medical billers will ensure that your claims are accurately submitted in a timely manner.

From saving time and money to rendering accurate medical billing services consistently, we can significantly improve your medical billing process. Our medical billing services will reduce your OB/GYN practices’ overhead costs, increase your reimbursements, decrease in claim denials, and rejections. This will enable your OB/GYN practice to focus more on their patients rather than spending hours on constructing and interpreting the billing reports.

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